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Expert-Lingva tops the Crimean business rating

Today we received a letter from the Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the National Business Rating:
We hereby officially announce the completion of the national free ranking of Ukrainian companies by economic indicators according to the 2012–2013 statistics results. Based on scientific statistical methodology, the company "Expert- Lingua " (KVED 74.30 «Translation Services») ranks as follows:
1st PLACE IN CRIMEA in the nomination «Indicators of production scale and creditworthiness»;
34th PLACE IN UKRAINE in the nomination «Indicators of resource efficiency»
and is awarded the title of the «Industry Leader 2013» in its field of activity.
Regards for your hard work and excellent performance,
Vozna A. M.»
We are proud of our results!

Our work is highly appreciated!

Мин.ЭкологииThis fall, our company was awarded a commendation from the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine and the appreciation certificate from «Chysta Khvylia» public organization for our contribution and assistance in research.

We are proud and happy to work for the benefit of our country!
Чиста хвиля
Thank you so much!

New intake to foreign language courses!

welcome2 2
Children from 4,5 to 16
are very welcome to join «Expert-Lingva»!
In our exciting classes your child will easily pick up the foreign language of your choice. Read more about our methods here. And during all year you can enjoy our offer «Bring a friend — get a discount!»
Where should I come to sign up? See here.

Happy birthday, Expert-Lingva!

happy birthday expert 2013This summer, our company celebrated another birthday. This year we decided to party on an ostrich farm. Our little friends (and not so little:) came to join us and wish all the best. And we have prepared them a lot of interesting competitions, contests, games, and laser battles! See photo report here.
Thanks to everyone! See you in September!

Summer Courses!!!

Летние курсыSummer is a great time to study for international exams.

On 03 June our company launched classes where you can study for Cambridge exams: FCE, BEC and others.

If you simply want to pull up your English (German, French, etc.) — we also have summer courses!

You can see our regular children classes  here.
Welcome to Expert-Lingva!

End-of-the-year party 2013

On 31 May 2013 we had our traditional grand end-of-the-year party at our foreign languages courses in Yevpatoryia. As you may already know, all such our parties are exclusive, filled with music and humour, and have a certain theme.
This year's theme was opening of our own channel — «Expert-Lingva TV». And therefore we proudly presented various movie genres in our festive broadcasting:
- cartoons («Mashas and the Bear», «Madagascar», «Nu pogodi!»),
- action film («New Brigada»),
- indian film («Bombay does not believe in tears»),
- adventure («The Pirates of the Black Sea» and «The Adventures of the Musketeers in Yevpatoriia»),
- detective film («The Mystery of the Hound of the Baskervilles»),
- premere of the clip «Bring it all back»,
- cooking show («Culinary Battle»),
- sports news and, of course,
- performance of the mega-popular show-biz star (Denis Kucher as Stas Mikhaylov).

We participated in Ukrainian Translation Industry Conference

UTIC17–19 May, 2013 in Kiev we participated in the first Ukarinian Translation Industry Conference (UTIC). There were 390 participants!!! The conference may be easily called international as participants came from 20 world countries.
With great pleasure we heard reports in three different halls, asked questions, inquired about new technologies of translation and business management.
During busy coffee breaks we mixed with the most famous contemporary translators and interpreters, representatives of international translation associations, developers of software for translators and managers, made friends with a zillion colleagues — both companies and freelancers. We even found our namesake company — «Lingvo Expert»!
All in all, these two days in Kiev were very intensive and unforgettable! And most importantly — we brought home a lot of helpful contacts and new technologies which we are already introducing at work in order to improve the quality of our service even more.

Happy Easter!

Rejoice, celebrate and have a very happy Easter!

Practical Seminar from National Geographic Learning

National Geographic-1On 26 April our company participated in the seminar «Motivating students: a 10-step guide» (by Hugh Dellar) arranged by National Geographic Learning and Cengage Learning.
As always, we learned lots of new things and also met our old friends from other schools.
After the seminar the author of the Outcomes course gave us his course books as presents and signed them wishing us all the best.
Thank you, Hugh.

Teachers' seminars

Методические семинары апрель 2013Spring was marked at Expert-Lingva with exciting events — on 6th and 13th April we held seminars for teachers. One was about practical problems in teaching children and their solutions. Another seminar was «Motivation and Classroom Management in a Mixed-Ability Class». Everybody learned something new and experienced teachers shared their secrets and tricks. Now our classes are even more interesting!
Лицензия::Сертификат ТКТ::(Кембриджский экзамен для преподавателей английского) – Соломатина ЕвгенияСертификат ТКТ::(Кембриджский экзамен для преподавателей английского) - Петриди СофияСертификат ТКТ::(Кембриджский экзамен для преподавателей английского) – Надеина ОльгаПовышение квалификации учителей английского языка::Участие в семинаре Ассоциации переводчиков Украины::Участие в годичной программе академического обмена в США::Диплом об окончании средней школы в США::Уровень А2 по датскому языку::Курс истории, культуры и общества Дании::Курс экспортных консультантов::Участие в годичной программе обмена во Франции::Сертификат международного экзамена DELF, уровень 1::Сертификат международного экзамена DELF, уровень 2::Участие в международной конференции в Пекине::Участие в практической конференции в Одессе::Соломатина ЕвгенияУчастие в практической конференции в Одессе::Лихтенко ЕленаУчастие в методическом семинаре от издательства National Geographic Learning::Соломатина ЕвгенияУчастие в международной конференции переводческой отрасли в Киеве::Участие в международной конференции переводческой отрасли в Киеве::Сертификат ТКТ::(Кембриджский экзамен для преподавателей английского) – Богушевич Яна::Грамота Министерства экологии Украины::Благодарность от Чистой хвилі::Участие в общегосударственной рейтинговой программе::Первое место в рейтинге АР Крым::