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Expert-Lingva in Odessa!

On 7 April our «Expert-Lingva» Centre participated in Practical Conference «Running and Developing Business in Education Centres» in Odessa.
Odessa company «Lardan» welcomed us there. We made friends with other conference participants — directors of education centres from the entire Ukraine, shared our experience and learned a lot of interesting things!

Translation Practice

praktikaWe welcome all university students to translation practice course in our company. Those who have completed the course will receive certificates. Send your applications to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Attention! We announce a contest!

From 1 March to 31 May our company is holding a creative contest 
«My Expert-LingvA»
We will be happy to receive your poems, prose, photos, video, music, drawings and pictures, postcards about us.
Post all your ideas on our wall in VKontakte here.
The winners will get prizes, and the first prize is a tablet computer!!!

International Conference in Beijing

Beijing In March our Expert-Lingva Centre participated in the International Practical Conference «Today's Education Issues», Beijing.

Chinese puzzle

16 February in our Centre we launched the Chinese course. This melodious language turned out to be not that difficult! Thanks to our teacher, philologist and a native speaker, all students could realized this. More photos here
Sign up for the next class through: 095-91-999-25

Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentines Day коллаж день св. Валентина
14 February, St. Valentine's Day, we celebrated with games and launching Chinese lanterns into the night sky. It was very exciting and romantic!
More photos here

In October 2012 we had a SUSHI LESSON!

sushi lesson
Our students, guided by teachers, for the first time were making sushi! Afterwards they ate the results of their work with zest. By the way, eating was only allowed using chop sticks:) If you have ideas for such fun and creative classes, share them with your teacher! More photos here

A solemn graduation ceremony devoted to the end of the school year in the «Expert-Lingva»

tortJune 1, 2012 was a solemn graduation ceremony devoted to the end of the academic year foreign language courses «Expert-Lingua» in Evpatoria. This event has become traditional, thematic, and always a keen interest in children and parents.


We are happy to inform you that our company is a PrivatBank partner in Bonus+ program!

Use your card for payment and get a 5% bonus!

Translation of vehicle documents

mreo-sampleGood news! If you need to translate documents for your vehicle from abroad (Registration certificate, Fahrzeugbrief, invoice, driver's license etc.) — you can do it at Expert-Lingva and get your translation on the same day — WITHOUT RUSH FEES!CALL NOW!

Лицензия::Сертификат ТКТ::(Кембриджский экзамен для преподавателей английского) – Соломатина ЕвгенияСертификат ТКТ::(Кембриджский экзамен для преподавателей английского) - Петриди СофияСертификат ТКТ::(Кембриджский экзамен для преподавателей английского) – Надеина ОльгаПовышение квалификации учителей английского языка::Участие в семинаре Ассоциации переводчиков Украины::Участие в годичной программе академического обмена в США::Диплом об окончании средней школы в США::Уровень А2 по датскому языку::Курс истории, культуры и общества Дании::Курс экспортных консультантов::Участие в годичной программе обмена во Франции::Сертификат международного экзамена DELF, уровень 1::Сертификат международного экзамена DELF, уровень 2::Участие в международной конференции в Пекине::Участие в практической конференции в Одессе::Соломатина ЕвгенияУчастие в практической конференции в Одессе::Лихтенко ЕленаУчастие в методическом семинаре от издательства National Geographic Learning::Соломатина ЕвгенияУчастие в международной конференции переводческой отрасли в Киеве::Участие в международной конференции переводческой отрасли в Киеве::Сертификат ТКТ::(Кембриджский экзамен для преподавателей английского) – Богушевич Яна::Грамота Министерства экологии Украины::Благодарность от Чистой хвилі::Участие в общегосударственной рейтинговой программе::Первое место в рейтинге АР Крым::