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Foreign Language Courses for Adults at "Expert-Lingva" Centre

In today's world, knowing foreign languages is necessary, it's hard to argue. Forward-thinking parents send their children to foreign language courses at an early age, understanding the importance and value of such knowledge. And what about the adults themselves?

For most adults, learning a foreign language is a daunting task. The most common reason for this is lack of free time. The second «champion» among the reasons — «I have no abilities». But how much we regret about it, when it comes to talking to foreigners, or when we go abroad! Many highly educated people feel uncomfortable when they have to explain something literally using their fingers. Good it phrases pop up in your memory from school or university course of, for example, the English language. But you still want more!

Our qualified and certified teachers know how to teach adults a foreign language. First, the content of the training course must comply with the objectives of the student. This may be a general course, a course in their specialty training, a course intended for an exam or an interview in a foreign embassy. Second, the form of training is important – you can choose the most suitable mode: in a group, individually, at your work place (corporate training), through Skype. Third, choice of technique or combination of techniques is crucial for adults.

In adolescence, most of us lose the ability to vividly perceive the foreign language, as children do. However, we do develop the ability to analyze. This is a base for many techniques of adult learning a foreign language. In its extreme form it is the traditional school method, which teaches reading and translating.

And our teachers are choosing the most appropriate and productive techniques — and often a combination of both. This is a direct method, communicative approach, audiovisual, audiolingual and, if necessary — grammar-translation method and Total Physical Response.

The above methods involve speaking English only in the classroom, as well as the use of audio and video, interactive media, and other role-playing language games. Yes, that’s right — games, as adults, too, love to play J Our classes are always fun and easy! In addition, it helps to eliminate the fear of making mistakes and looking ridiculous. So, join us!

Here are some tips for successful learning of any foreign language:

  • Conquer the language! Do not be afraid to make mistakes, because it’s only those who do nothing that make no mistakes.
  • Away with worries! Do not worry if you think that it’s not working. You need time to digest new information
  •   train the brain! Do not open the dictionary every time you forget the word. Try to remember or understand its meaning in context, using the picture by the text.
  • No rain checks! Do not skip classes and do homework even if you feel tired. It does not take too long, but such perseverance will return to you a hundredfold.
  • Dive in! If you cannot travel abroad frequently, there is a way out. Make it a habit watching foreign movies, cartoons, TV shows in original (preferably with subtitles), listen to songs in a foreign language. It doesn’t have to be long, but do it regularly. Catch the familiar and repeating phrases, be curious about the meaning of new words. Next level task — change the language on your mobile phone to the foreign language, if possible J
  •  Be optimistic! Celebrate even the smallest of your success. They are steps towards your goal.

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