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Learn languages via Skype at "Expert-Lingva" Centre

Learn a language via Skype!

We keep up with developing technologies and offer learning languages via Skype.

Learning via Skype is a perfect solution for busy people, as well as for those who live outside of Simferopol and Evpatoria and appreciated our attractive conditions and professionalism of teachers.

This way of learning a foreign language has many advantages:

1. You don’t need to waste your time commuting in the city (just imagine how many hours you save per month!)

2. You can make your own convenient schedule of lessons, including during your lunch break.

3. You can have lessons even if you need to stay at home (maternity leave, illness, injury, etc.)

4. You and your teacher are not tied to one place – and therefore you can continue learning even when travelling – from anywhere in the world where there is access to the Internet.

5. You have your lesson in a familiar place, which helps you relax and feel more at ease – and this is one of the secrets of successful language learning!

6. In the lesson you can use many different materials – watch a video or listen to audio tracks of various formats, make notes in your own convenient way.

7. Now the sky is the limit for your creative approach to homework – you can make collages, play with fonts, make presentations and even video. Not only this develops your computer skills, but also significantly increases your motivation and self-esteem.

8. If you have difficulty with using learning materials (video, audio, electronic documents), the teacher can always help you through Share Screen option.

9. You will exchange additional materials in electronic form, which means that instead of piles of printouts you will have everything neatly stored in a separate folder.

10. You can record video or audio of your lessons and come back to it whenever you want.

11. Interactive board will replace the boring classroom board – and now you can use it together with your teacher. It’s fun and hands are always clean J

12. And finally – the first lesson is free!

Wanna try?

You need a minimum of equipment – a computer, web camera, microphone, headphones or speakers.

For your Skype lessons to be more effective make sure you have a high speed internet connection with unlimited package.

Arrange for such time of your lesson when you are not disturbed by your colleagues, husband, wife or children.

All you have to do is to turn on the computer at the agreed time and enjoy all these benefits!

As was mentioned above, learning via Skype is suitable for busy adults. However, if you prefer «live» communication with teacher and new people, then we invite you to take up a group course. For teenagers and children we recommend learning in a group where presence of teacher and peers is important, as well as communication and games.

The only drawback, however, may be the possibility of technical problems – failed connection to the internet or computer failure. In such cases you just need to contact your teacher or administration about it and your class will be moved to another day and you will not be charged for it.

Consider all pros and cons and -

Apply online now!

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