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Written translations at "Expert-Lingva" Centre

At “Expert-Lingva” Translation Office you can order translation of a document or text of any nature:

  • documents for Registry Office (ZAGS)
  • documents for Passport Office (OGIRFL)
  • documents for Motor Vehicle Department (MREO)
  • documents for customs authorities

and also:

  • personal or private documents and texts
  • business communications and documents
  • web-sites
  • company incorporation documents
  • notarized documents
  • banking, financial, tax documents
  • medical documents and texts
  • legal documents
  • technical and construction documentation and texts
  • texts of any other nature.
Important! When ordering a written translation please provide:
  • correct spelling of people's names in your document - in the target language (i.e., language to which the document shall be translated), if any;
  • correct spelling of geographical names (cities, towns etc.) in the target language, if any;
  • correct spelling of other proper names (company names, schools, etc.)
  • country where your translation will be used.

If you fail to provide the information above, the translation will be done in accordance with current regulations, and no claims shall be admitted.

When will my translation be ready?

If you have a standard or small document, as a rule, you can collect the translation either on the same day or the next day.

In all other cases translation terms shall be agreed subject to the amount and difficulty.

What will my translation look like?

The translation is printed on A4 paper sheet and is bound to a copy of your document (in certain cases – to your original document).

Afterwards the translation is certified either by a notary (notarization) or by affixing our Translation Office seal.

When do I need notarization on my translation and when – the Translation Office seal?

Notarization of the translation means that a notary certifies the translator’s signature affixed on the translation of your document. Usually notarization is required to present your documents to Registry offices, Pension Fund authorities, foreign embassies when applying for permanent residency, etc.

Translation Office seal is affixed on your translation when notarization is not necessary. Usually it is done with documents for tourist visa application, but also to some government authorities and private organizations.

Certifying with the Translation Office seal is free, while for notarization you need to pay.

Please refer to the organization where you shall present your translation for the kind of certification needed.

Please note! If your document is issued abroad and has no Apostille or consular legalization stamp, then we can translate it and certify with our Translation Office seal only. Read more about apostille and legalization here.

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